Voytak - Voytak I

1. At The Gates Of Voytak
2. Meet Me On The Beautiful Clouds
3. Devilish Wars
4. Special K Mix
5. Sen O Victorii (Karaoke Version)
6. Vlockmanian Hunger
7. Silent Night, Holy Night, Death Metal
8. Lite Years
9. Destruction Demo
10. Voytenation In Progress
11. Hot Stuff (with Anders)
12. All Good Things End Fast
13. Cool Song
14. Castration Mix
15. Lurking In The Shadows
16. I Love Sausage
17. Voices From The Bunker (feat. Fala)
18. Ms. Rettig
19. Ms. Rettig (Karaoke Version)
20. My Little Brown Friend
21. Talk Show Theme
22. The Fate Of The Evil Ones
23. The Triple H Theme
24. Blazer Shoe Radio Commercial
25. Until Next Time

Total Playing Time - 1:09:37

Voytak - Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Fooyarka, Keyboards, V8 Drum Programming/Sampling
Mixed, Recorded, Arranged, Composed, and Produced by Voytak

These are the Voytak roots!
The very first recordings he EVER made using basic sequencing software and Sound Forge!
These were all done during his early high school years with minimal recording equipment.

Recorded at V8 Recording using Sound Forge & Cakewalk software and a single 1/8 inch mic.

Dig it!