1. The Hunter's Moon

Production project. Recorded, produced, and arranged by Voytak.

2. Unexplored
Production project. Voytak plays guitar and grunts.

3. Everytime
Song by Michael Scherer. Voytak plays guitar and did the recording.

4. Shout - Voytak Version
First recording done at school.
Mixed and recorded by Voytak.

5. Billy Boy Arrangement
Jazz piece arranged by Voytak.
Sight read by the school jazz band.

Bonus Voytak Songs
100% Voytak creations!

1. Money For Nothing
2. Solaris
3. Tears Of Time - Version 2
4. Bos-Network Theme Song - Version 1
5. Bos-Network Theme Song - Version 2

Voytak & Friends

1. All But Gone & Voytak - Running Away (Remix)
Voytak plays Drums & Bass. Recorded by Voytak.

Ridiculous Quickies For School

1. Mwari
2. Why The Bat Flies By Night
2 ethnic Voytak tracks.

3. MIDI Final Project